Wrinkle-Relaxing Injections for Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers, and Naples, FL

It can take years for repetitive muscle contractions to etch wrinkles and lines into your face, but only a few days to smooth them out with BOTOX®. Naples, FL, based Skin Wellness Physicians offers the globally popular injectable for women and men who want to do something about visible signs of aging, but do not want to deal with the hassle, cost, or risks of surgery.

Contact Skin Wellness Physicians about BOTOX® in Naples, FL, and Marco Island. Arrange a consultation by sending a message online or calling (239) 732-0044.

At Skin Wellness Physicians, dermatologists Dr. Anne Marie Tremaine and Dr. Daniel Wasserman perform the injections, which take a matter of minutes. The convenience, reliability, and results of BOTOX® have all contributed to making it the most commonly chosen cosmetic treatment in the world each year.


  • BOTOX® relaxes the muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear
  • All injections are performed by the Skin Wellness Physicians dermatologists: Drs. Tremaine and Wasserman
  • Results are temporary—lasting three to four months—but can be maintained via regular treatments

What Is BOTOX®?

Simply put, BOTOX® is an injectable prescription cosmetic used to reduce the appearance of facial lines and other signs of aging. More technically, BOTOX® is a purified form of a toxin created by specific bacteria—Clostridium botulinum—that occurs in natural environments and has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a variety of medical and cosmetic applications.

The active ingredient interferes with the proper reception of signals sent within the body. When small, diluted concentrations of BOTOX® are injected into neuromuscular tissue—always with a careful hand and in small, measured amounts—it can prevent the muscle contractions that pull skin into the same folds over and over again.

Specifically, BOTOX® stops the release of a chemical messenger known as acetylcholine, thereby preventing nerves from telling the muscles to tense. The result is a softer, smoother, and more relaxed expression.

Get an 'inside look' at how we use BOTOX® at Florida's Skin Wellness Physicians to reduce muscle activity—and wrinkles—on the face. Get an 'inside look' at how we use BOTOX® at Florida's Skin Wellness Physicians to reduce muscle activity—and wrinkles—on the face.
Whenever you make a facial expression, you're seeing the end result of a message traveling from your brain, through the nervous system, and to a specific muscle or group of muscles, where chemical messages prompt a contraction. If you want to stop the facial lines that form due to repeated expressions, you have to stop the muscles. BOTOX® does this by preventing that last step in the process—the muscle receiving a chemical message—from happening as it should. That means targeted muscles stay at rest instead of contacting, and skin stays smooth instead of bunching into wrinkles.

How Can You Prepare for BOTOX®?

During their consultation for BOTOX®, patients will typically discuss their medical background, current health condition, goals for cosmetic treatment, and any medications or supplements they are currently taking. While there are always some risks involved with any cosmetic treatment, BOTOX® is generally a very safe procedure when conducted by an experienced, trained practitioner.

Men and women interested in neuromodulator injections are encouraged to ask questions to ensure their provider is properly trained, operating out of an accredited facility, and using the real product and not a substitute. While there are other, similar wrinkle-smoothing injectables available, Skin Wellness Physicians uses only BOTOX® for patients seeking BOTOX® treatments.

Some other factors to consider are costs, possible risks or complications, details of the procedure, and what to expect from recovery.

What Kind of Wrinkles Does BOTOX® Address?

Skin quality deteriorates over time, due to both the normal aging process and from other lifestyle habits or environmental factors. Young skin tends to have high levels of hyaluronic acid (a type of sugar that keeps the skin hydrated), as well as proteins like collagen and elastin, which keep the skin strong and pliant. Aging skin, on the other hand, tends to become thinner, drier, and increasingly lax as the connective tissues and molecules that gave it structure, pliancy, and elasticity gradually break down.

Not all wrinkles that develop over time are the same. BOTOX® is designed for treating dynamic wrinkles, which are linked to repetitive muscle contractions. Every time we make facial expressions—such as smiling, frowning, or squinting—specific muscles are activated. There's no way to go through life without moving these facial muscles, but BOTOX® can help to address the resulting lines that form.

Dynamic wrinkles are typically seen while the face is in motion. However, as the skin becomes weaker with time, these wrinkles may become visible even when the associated muscles are at rest. This prompts many people to choose BOTOX® earlier in life, reducing muscle activity sooner and delaying the development of etched-in lines.

BOTOX® is not ideal for static wrinkles, which are associated with sun damage, the force of gravity, smoking, alcohol consumption, and other causes unrelated to frequent muscle contractions.

What Can BOTOX® Treat?

When it comes to cosmetic applications, the FDA has approved BOTOX® for addressing three signs of aging: horizontal forehead lines, frown lines between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet. It is also approved to reduce excessive underarm sweating, and has other medical uses, such as for migraines and certain muscle disorders.

Conventional use has also led to the development of more cosmetic applications routinely performed by experienced physicians. BOTOX® is frequently injected to address a sagging brow, bunny lines, a dimpled chin, a downturned mouth, lip lines, a gummy smile, and neck bands.

Adults with moderate to severe facial wrinkles, who are in good physical health, and who maintain realistic expectations of their cosmetic results are ideal candidates for this treatment. BOTOX® is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing, or those with certain nerve or muscle conditions, allergies, and skin infections.

Rather than coming into the Skin Wellness Physicians offices with a specific request for BOTOX® in mind, we suggest that you share your general and specific cosmetic goals during a consultation, at which time we can determine which treatments are best suited for delivering the results you are seeking.

What is a BOTOX® Session Like in Naples, FL?

Our skilled dermatologists can complete a series of BOTOX® injections in as little as 15 minutes. Patients often report feeling a slight "pinch" at the injection sites, but the treatment is overall easy to tolerate. That said, feel free to ask about strategies to minimize discomfort.

Over the next few days, there may be some slight bruising, redness, or tenderness in the treated area. This will fade—as will the targeted muscles’ ability to contract. In the coming weeks, you should notice a visible change.

Results can be expected to last for three to four months. As the ability to contract begins to return to the injected muscles, you can schedule a new round of injections to ensure an ongoing look of rejuvenation.

Dr. Tremaine administers Botox® to a patient at Skin Wellness Florida

Is BOTOX® Safe?

BOTOX® injections are the most widely performed cosmetic treatments across the planet each year. The cosmetic's widespread use is the result of decades of rigorous testing and study, followed by millions of annual applications. BOTOX® has earned its reputation as a safe and effective treatment—when handled by properly trained and experienced injectors.

While many people may claim to be adequate injectors, only dermatologists have a medical background focused entirely on the skin and its related systems, giving these physicians particular knowledge of how BOTOX® can impact the areas where it is injected. This knowledge is critical for delivering not just safe results, but aesthetically pleasing ones that relax wrinkles while still allowing you to form a range of expressions. Education and experience are important for any injector, especially since patients want to look refreshed, not "frozen."

Options Beyond BOTOX® in Naples, FL

Though BOTOX® is quite popular, it is not the only muscle-relaxing injectable available. Dysport® is another option for anyone looking for similar results, set apart by the fact that it takes effect sooner and may spread a bit farther from the injection site. Each injectable offers its own unique advantages to suit particular patients' needs, and one will never be substituted for the other at Skin Wellness Physicians. Patients will always know exactly what product and treatment they are receiving.

Wrinkles that form due to collagen loss as opposed to muscle movement require an entirely different strategy. Dermal fillers add volume in small amounts where injected, smoothing out skin that has developed lines naturally as it has aged.

The various injectables available from Skin Wellness Physicians can be used together in a range of combinations to achieve customized rejuvenating effects. Contact the team to discover which cosmetic treatments may best work for you and your cosmetic goals.

Call (239) 732-0044 or send a message online to arrange a consultation to discuss BOTOX® in Naples, FL, and Marco Island at Skin Wellness Physicians.

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