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A Sophisticated Skin Cancer Treatment for Marco Island and Naples, FL

While the dermatologists at Skin Wellness Physicians perform Mohs surgery in Naples, FL, the technique was first developed by the late Dr. Frederich Mohs in Wisconsin. Frustrated by the frequent rate of recurrence for many skin cancers removed by standard surgical techniques or other procedures (such as radiation or electrodessication and curettage), he set out to develop a new way of both removing and processing the tissue in order to provide maximum precision and margin control.

Mohs surgery is defined only by times when the surgeon acts as both the surgeon and the pathologist. It is also the sole technique where the entire surgical margin is evaluated. Because of this, it has the highest cure rate—95 to 99 percent—of all skin cancer treatments.

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How Does Mohs Surgery Compare to Other Surgical Techniques?

Standard excisions, or surgical removal of tissue by means other than Mohs surgery, will often involve a technique as imprecise as slicing bread. Imagine a loaf with raisins in it. If we took a slice or two of the bread to see what was inside, we could, by chance, miss the raisins entirely and mistakenly consider the bread to be plain.

Now, let's translate that analogy to medical dermatology, where the consequences for missing cancer cells due to an imprecise technique are far more significant. Basically, checking the margins on a skin cancer sample that has been removed by a standard excision technique—not Mohs surgery—can actually evaluate less than 5 percent of the total margins. Some people have put that number as less than 1 percent!

Depending on the location, size, and type of skin cancer, this may not be good enough. Fortunately, Mohs surgery offers 100 percent margin control. As a result of our ability to evaluate the totality of the surgical margins, we are able to excise less skin, making the procedure much more conservative in nature. If, after evaluating the surgical specimen slides, the physician discovers that there are still some areas where a tumor remains, the physician will map it out with accuracy down to a hair follicle, allowing for the removal of a small amount of additional tissue. This process repeats itself until the tumor is completely removed, no cancer cells are visible in any margins, and the wound is ready for suturing.

Meet our Dermatologists

Meet our Dermatologists

At Skin Wellness Physicians, our dermatologists are board certified and thoroughly experienced in a range of medical and cosmetic treatments.

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When is Mohs Surgery Used?

Mohs surgery is reserved for special circumstances due to the increased level of care that comes with this procedure. Certain criteria are used to determine which skin cancers would most benefit from the technique. The location (i.e. head, neck, hands/feet, genitals, shins), size, and type of skin cancer, are the most common variables weighed along with some extenuating circumstances. Doctors may also consider a patient's age, immunosuppression, certain genetic syndromes, the presence of recurrent skin cancer, and whether skin cancer was caused by radiation.

Who Performs Mohs Surgery in Naples, FL?

At Skin Wellness Physicians, we employ and only endorse fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons who are recognized by the American College of Mohs Surgery. Other organizations, such as the American Society of Mohs Surgery, offer abbreviated courses to certify in Mohs surgery.

The American College of Mohs Surgery requires at least a year-long fellowship strictly dedicated to Mohs surgery training and building expertise in reconstruction techniques necessary for repairing the surgical defect left behind following removal of skin cancer. A large number of complex cases during the fellowship are required in order for a physician to receive certification and membership into the American College of Mohs Surgery.

Note that all of the clinical trials performed exemplifying the superior cure rates of Mohs Surgery (95 to 99 percent) for skin cancer above all other skin cancer treatments were done exclusively by fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons. In order to ensure the highest quality of skin cancer surgical care, we strongly recommend that you have a Mohs College member perform your Mohs surgery.

Mohs Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

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