Double-Chin Reduction for Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers, and Naples, FL

While exercise and diet can diminish unwanted fat throughout your body, a double chin, also known as submental fullness, can be resistant to the hard work you put in to remove it through more traditional methods. You may want help from Kybella® at the Naples, FL, based Skin Wellness Physicians.

Dermatologists Dr. Daniel Wasserman, Dr. Anne Marie Tremaine, and Dr. Vivian Wong administer the injections in a session that can take only minutes. Submental fullness will gradually recede in the following months, creating more definition in the jawline.

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What Is Kybella®?

Kybella® is a noninvasive, FDA-approved injectable treatment for the removal of fat underneath the chin and on the front part of the neck in adults. Its active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring chemical that helps the body break down and absorb fat.

Kybella® damages unwanted fat cells in the target area, stimulating the body to recognize these cells and remove them through a natural inflammatory process.

The injectable is a prescription cosmetic that has been extensively researched and found to be a safe and effective way to get rid of an unwanted double chin.

What is a Kybella® Session Like in Florida?

A Kybella® treatment session at Skin Wellness Physicians may include 15 to 25 small microinjections in a grid-like pattern to the submental fat area. Drs. Wasserman and Tremaine will safely administer these injections. Ice packs provide enough comfort throughout the process, and the treatment will begin working right away.

Note that Kybella® will not help tighten loose skin in the absence of any fat that can be felt in pockets on the neck. Although patients have experienced some collateral tightening of the skin when Kybella® is applied for its indicated use, it is important to emphasize that this tightening effect is unpredictable and should not be expected.

A typical treatment course is two to four sessions, spread six to eight weeks apart. Research shows that the submental fat removal triggered by Kybella® injections is not temporary, so you can enjoy your new chin contour for years to come!


Does Kybella® Have Side Effects?

Patients will experience minor and temporary swelling that can last anywhere from one to three weeks, with most swelling lasting two weeks or less. This swelling is to be expected and represents the inflammatory process working on the fat cells. About a third of patients will experience some bruising, which will last for about five to eight days.

Options Beyond Kybella® in Naples, FL

For a poorly defined jawline to either side of a double chin, other cosmetic treatments are necessary. Injections of the dermal filler Voluma®, Restylane Lyft®, or Sculptra® higher on the face can create a lifting effect that addresses jowls that form due to age-related tissue sagging.

Patients who want firmer, tighter, clearer skin on their face in general can choose a treatment that encourages new collagen production, such as microneedling. Talk to the Skin Wellness Physicians team to find out which options can deliver customized slimming and refreshing results.

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