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Lasers Are Ideal for Toning Down Unhealthy-Looking Redness

As dermatologists in Florida, the consequences of chronic sun exposure will most often lead patients to complain of those annoying brown spots and lines that seem to creep up out of nowhere.  An often forgotten, additional result of chronic sun exposure is the development of a red complexion and broken capillaries. Studies have demonstrated that …

Winter is Ideal for Forever Young BroadBand Light (BBL™) or Laser Skin Resurfacing

Even though colder, cloudier weather is settling in, you shouldn’t be taking a rain check on skincare. Remember that cool, windy conditions tend to strip the skin of moisture. Add to that the fact that many of us are still recovering from summer and fall skin damage! Because of this, laser and light treatments are …

Understanding Sciton Halo

Medical and technological advances have led to the development of skin rejuvenation treatments that are increasingly customizable to the patient. While talented physicians have always taken an individual’s unique characteristics and goals into account when administering a cosmetic treatment, modern options are more able to accommodate specific preferences than ever before. One of the best …

The Benefits of Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer

Mohs surgery, or Mohs micrographic surgery, is a highly effective treatment for common non-melanoma skin cancer types, like basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The technique is intended to remove cancerous tumors as completely and permanently as possible with precision while leaving the healthy neighboring tissue intact. This method involves a specially trained physician …

Winter Weather: The Breakdown of a Gentle Skin Care Routine

As the “winter weather” rolls into Southwest Florida, we need to make some changes to our skin care regimen. The decrease in humidity can lead to dry, scaly, irritated, and itchy skin. While I do recommend a gentle skin care regimen all year round, it is even more important during the winter. There are several …

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