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Fractional lasers have a range of uses, all based on their ability to improve the tone, texture, and look of skin by delivering carefully controlled laser energy where it is needed. CO2RE Intima is a non-invasive treatment at the Naples and Marco Island-based Skin Wellness Physicians that applies that versatility to the vulvar and vaginal area, where pregnancy, childbirth, age-related hormone shifts, and other cosmetic issues can lead to unwanted changes of an intimate nature.

A gradual loss of moisture, firmness, and elasticity are to be expected as collagen is depleted over time. This gradual loss can lead to the development of several problems, including laxity, dryness, irritation, painful intercourse, and bladder leakage.

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What Is Intima?

Made by Syneron Candela®, Intima is a fractional laser that makes use of the same trusted CO2RE technology known for facial skin rejuvenation. Laser energy delivered into the tissue can cause it to contract and tighten, resulting in a firmer tone. The energy also stimulates the creation of new collagen molecules, restoring their numbers in the skin.

Since collagen is vital for flexible support in soft tissues, its renewed presence leads to further improvements over time. The protein also creates a matrix for housing water-bonding hyaluronic acid. More water in the tissue means more moisture, which can counter the chafing effects of dryness.

What Can Intima Treat?

Intima is ideal for treating the symptoms that occur after childbirth and with the age-related reduction of estrogen. These symptoms are caused by vaginal atrophy and laxity, which are a thinning and weakening of the tissue in the vaginal area. Intima can strengthen and revitalize the tissue, causing improvement in the symptoms of painful intercourse, itching, burning, dryness, and irritation of the vulvar skin. The treatment can improve tone and sensitivity in the area. In addition, this treatment can improve bladder leakage.

The laser energy that powers an Intima treatment session is ideal for evening out irregular pigmentation. Intima can address dyschromia, which is a change to skin coloration—whether turning tissue darker, lighter, or both in different places.

Meet our Dermatologists

Meet our Dermatologists

At Skin Wellness Physicians, our dermatologists are board certified and thoroughly experienced in a range of medical and cosmetic treatments.

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What is an Intima Session Like in Florida?

The Skin Wellness Physicians team understands that the especially intimate nature of gynecological issues may lead patients to be cautious, shy, or embarrassed when it comes to seeking help. We treat every patient with the utmost care and discretion, working to address concerns as thoroughly as possible so we can help improve quality of life without surgical incisions or sutures.

The Intima treatment can be performed quickly, and patients typically report little to no pain or discomfort during the session.

What Happens After an Intima Laser Session?

Required down time is minimal. Patients will be advised to avoid vaginal intercourse for a short time due to sensitivity in the area.

Some changes may be noticeable right away, but ideal improvements are most often seen after three treatments spaced roughly four weeks apart. The gradual restoration of collagen will lead to ongoing benefits.

Women may choose annual "touch up" visits to maintain their results.

Laser Treatments Beyond Intima in Florida

Laser energy works well for skin resurfacing, and Skin Wellness Physicians also uses light for IPL treatments to fade spots on the face and hands, as well as photodynamic therapy to address acne and pre-cancerous lesions.

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