Smooth Frown Lines in Marco Island and Naples, FL

Frown lines form between the eyebrows due to the fact that muscles in the forehead pull the skin there into the same position every time certain expressions are made. Dysport® at the Naples-based Skin Wellness Physicians works to reduce the look of those wrinkles by causing the muscles to relax for up to four months.

Dr. Daniel Wasserman and Dr. Anne Marie Tremaine perform the injections themselves, administering the prescription cosmetic in just a few minutes per treatment session. Though it is similar to BOTOX®, another muscle-relaxing neuromodulator, Dysport® is a faster acting cosmetic treatment. Patients typically start to see results two to three days after their injections and can return for more once the effects start to fade.

Contact Skin Wellness Physicians about Dysport® in Naples, FL, and Marco Island. Arrange a consultation by sending a message online or calling (239) 732-0044.

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