Can Dermatology Treat My Acne in Naples, FL?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of dermatology is acne. This is because it is a skin disorder that over 85% of the population endures at some point of their life. Acne can affect people at different stages in life and can also varies from severe to moderate. Whatever the case may be, acne is not something people want on their body. There are many urban myths about acne why it appears on our skin. However, acne is not avoidable. Our dermatologists in Naples, FL provides information and treatment to those who are experiencing acne. Because there are multiple factors that contribute to acne, any person can be a victim of one or more of these causes.

  • Hormones: Our bodies are very complex organisms. The slightest imbalance in hormones could cause a massive outbreak of acne. For women and men alike, what we put in our body can affect our skin. Not to mention, stress is a factor that could wreak havoc on your life and skin.
  • Clogged or Dirty Pores: Forgetting to wash your face in the morning can have more of an affect than you think. Washing your face and body not only cleans off the day’s dirt and germs, it removes dead skin cells that could be causing clogged pores. Your pores should be clean to breathe and be free of any dirt and oil if you can help it. If not, your skin may become inflamed with acne.
  • Too Much Cleaning: You must create a healthy balance of cleanliness when you are battling acne. If you clean your skin too much, you may be irritating your skin. There are good oils and bad oils for your skin and if you clean too much you may be stripping your skin of the natural oils causing it to work harder to create more. If there is too much oil your skin will break out.
  • Genetics: Acne can be hereditarily passed down through the generations. Normally, this form of acne is extremely severe and may need dermatology assistance to improve it. While there is nothing you can to prevent this acne from forming, there are ways to solve it. You can use topical solutions, ingestible medication, or steroids in some situation.

Acne does not have to cause distractions and interruptions in your life if you treat your skin fairly. Use the benefits of dermatology to your advantage. At Skin Wellness Physicians, we redefine dermatology in Naples, FL. Contact us today at (239) 732-0044 to find out more on about our acne solutions.

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