A Dermatology Clinic in Naples, FL that offers Birthmark Removal for Children

When new mothers and fathers have their first child, they hope that their baby comes healthy. They want their baby to be free from illnesses or diseases. They want their baby to be beautiful. Unfortunately, there are certain congenital birthmarks that present themselves on babies after a few months. It is particularly port-wine stains and infantile hemangiomas. Both of these birthmarks are treatable. Where do you go in South Florida to find the necessary treatment for your baby? You should go to a reputable dermatology clinic in Naples, FL. To be more specific, you should go to Skin Wellness Physicians in Naples, FL.

Skin Wellness Physicians are the only physicians in Collier County that are trained to treat port wine stains and infantile hemangiomas in children under the age of two without the need for anesthesia or a surgery center. Under the leadership and command of Daniel l. Wasserman, MD, FAAD, you can be sure that your child will be safe as he or she gets treated for their birthmarks. Skin Wellness Physicians finds this treatment service to be one of their most beloved services. They know that both the child and the parents want the child to look their best. The child’s outward appearance is very important.

For those who don’t know how port wine stains come about, here is a brief explanation. Port wine stains are caused by a certain area of skin that doesn’t get any supply of nerve fibers. Small blood vessels expand allowing more blood to flow into the blood vessels, causing a stain to form under the skin. This stain gets its name due to the appearance of the birthmark – it looks like a maroon wine was spilled on the skin. On the other hand, the cause of infantile hemangioma is unknown. It is sometimes called “strawberry mark” because it can get a dark red, strawberry-like color. Infantile hemangiomas first show up as tiny red bumps or small bruises. Both congenial birthmarks can show up on a child’s nose, lip, forehead, ear, or cheeks. They can also be seem sometimes on a child’s neck.

The dermatologists at Skin Wellness Physicians understand the worry parents might be dealing with when they see that their children have these birthmarks. That is why all the dermatologists at Skin Wellness Physicians remain careful and safe when we are treating children with port wine stains or infantile hemangiomas.

Moreover, Skin Wellness Physicians offers skin and acne treatment for Naples, FL. They are Naples, FL’s most reliable cosmetic dermatology office. They also treat other dermatology conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, skin cancer, scars, sun-related skin disease, and pediatric dermatology. Skin Wellness Physicians is located on 8625 Collier Blvd, Naples, FL 34114. You can book an appointment with Dr. Daniel I. Wasserman today by calling (239) 732-0044, or visiting their website at www.skinwellnessflorida.com. Give your child the clear skin he or she deserves.

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