Healthy Aging Month: 5 Tips for a Healthy Aging Face

September is Healthy Aging Month, and while this topic alone could fill a large textbook, here are five tips from Florida’s dermatology-focused Skin Wellness Physicians to help us move through time more slowly and healthfully:

1) Sunscreen

The most important intervention one can do for the health of the largest organ of the body would be to use sunscreen. UV radiation (UVR) can accelerate the loss of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin, stimulate the overproduction of pigment, dilate superficial capillaries, mutate the DNA, and inhibit the skin’s immune function, which can lead to cancer. 

2) Topical Antioxidants

Not all sun is blocked by sunscreen, and what isn’t will cause substantial damage over time. Topical antioxidants can help as a second line of defense to inactivate UVR damage as it is occurring.

3) Topical Retinoids

Briefly, these products can help stimulate the production of collagen and slow the loss of collagen and elastic fibers. Over time, these products are powerful tools to slow time for the skin.

4) Pulsed-Dye Laser (PDL)

PDL is the gold standard used by dermatologists for the treatment of redness and dilated capillaries on the face. Studies have shown that the single greatest factor contributing to an unhealthy appearance is a red tone. PDL will reduce if not entirely get rid these tones, leading to an overall healthier appearance. 

5) Fillers

As we age, we atrophy bone and fat in the face. Additionally, muscles of the face may shift or become more or less active or tone at rest. Depending on the nature of one’s process through this inevitable, but dreaded experience, proud cheeks could become saggy cheeks, dark circles may seem darker, and jowls may form. Fillers are an excellent tool when used in the right hands for the right patients to provide just a little help with picking up some of these, providing a more refreshed and rested look. 

These five tips should be a useful start toward a dialogue with your physician about the ways you may want to consider ensuring a healthy aging process. Contact Skin Wellness Physicians by sending a message online or call (239) 732-0044.

Dr. Daniel Wasserman

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