How Are Chemical Peels Beneficial for Acne-Prone Skin?

Acne is a skin issue that just about every person will have to deal with at some time in life. However, while it’s not abnormal to get an occasional flare-up of pimples or blackheads—especially if you’re under stress—some people seem to always have blemish-prone (acne-prone) skin.

Patients with this problem tend to have an oily skin type with a shiny appearance. They may have frequent breakouts, and their skin is often inflamed. Acne can be a common problem for people who live in warmer climates because the higher temperatures and humidity lead to increased production of oil and sweat, which clog the pores. Dirt and bacteria become trapped in the skin along with the excess oil, leading to some bad bouts of acne.

Chemical peels are skin treatments that help to improve the appearance of many skin conditions. A chemical peeling treatment from our Naples-based team can be helpful for mild to moderate acne in several ways. Light-duty chemical peels are usually the best option for treating this condition, as well as helping in other ways:

Reducing the Chance of Future Breakouts

Chemical peels can be a preventative measure for acne because they remove the debris that gets trapped in the pores. They’re an ideal solution for comedonal acne, such as blackheads and whiteheads, which develop when hair follicles become plugged. 

Improving the Texture of Scars 

Due to inflammation that’s caused by acne blemishes, scars can sometimes form—especially for patients who have severe cystic or nodular acne. Scars happen when acne involves the skin deeply and causes damage to the layers below it. The skin attempts to correct the damage by producing collagen, which is a protein that helps skin maintain its structure. However, if too much or too little collagen is produced, the imbalance leads to the development of scars. These scars remain even after an acne breakout has cleared up. Chemical peels lighten the skin, producing a more even tone and texture. They work by removing the damaged outer layer of skin, allowing healthy skin cells to take its place. Peels work better than at-home exfoliation techniques and stimulate collagen production for a more even surface.

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