How Often Should You Get Laser Therapy?

Even if you have a good, consistent skincare routine, skin changes can develop as a visible sign of aging or result of stress, sun exposure, or hormonal changes. Moxi® is a gentle, non-ablative laser-based procedure that can address these changes and is well-tolerated by patients with all skin tones. While many patients may be aware of the Moxi® laser benefits, our Naples-based team at Skin Wellness Physicians knows that many are likely still curious about how often they need to get laser skin resurfacing treatments to achieve optimal results.

With Moxi® laser procedures, the first two sessions will usually be effective for treating pigmentation and texture concerns on the surface. Additional, cumulative treatments will usually be needed to penetrate deeper into the skin layers for optimal improvement. 

Your skin will continue to improve for up to a year as it produces collagen to “heal” the wounds from the treatment, and the results may last for several years—although the normal aging process and environmental stressors will continue to impact its appearance. It’s impossible to prevent the aging process completely. In other words, wrinkles, lines, or pigmentation issues may eventually reoccur, so it’s important to understand that maintaining the best outcome possible from this treatment is in your hands. 

Patients often ask us about how they can maximize and maintain results if they’re having laser-based treatments to improve the condition of their skin. Multiple laser treatments will typically deliver significantly better results than just one session. You can also have additional laser treatments if wrinkles or other imperfections eventually return. During your consultation, you can talk to us about the best timeline for you to repeat laser skin resurfacing treatments to achieve optimal results over an extended length of time. 

Overall, you should maintain a good skincare maintenance routine at home. Be sure it includes retinol and vitamin C. Also, avoid unhealthy habits. In addition to refraining from smoking, limiting alcohol intake, protecting your skin from sun damage, and enjoying a healthy diet, you can preserve the results from laser treatments by repeating them every few years. 

Ready to find out more about laser-based treatments? If you’d like to learn more about Moxi® laser benefits, contact our team at Skin Wellness Physicians for further information about laser skin resurfacing treatments. Call us at (239) 732-0044 or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

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