Lasers Are Ideal for Toning Down Unhealthy-Looking Redness

As dermatologists in Florida, the consequences of chronic sun exposure will most often lead patients to complain of those annoying brown spots and lines that seem to creep up out of nowhere.  An often forgotten, additional result of chronic sun exposure is the development of a red complexion and broken capillaries. Studies have demonstrated that red tones in the face have the strongest correlation to the perception of poor health by others viewing us—more than any other aesthetic complaint of aging. Fortunately for us, the treatment of red tones and broken capillaries can easily be addressed very effectively with the use of laser therapy. 

Lasers for red lesions on the face (i.e. birthmarks, broken capillaries, scars, red tones) represent one of the oldest and most successful uses of lasers. This 30-year-old treatment uses the scientific premise called selective photothermolysis. This technique works by selectively heating hemoglobin, which is conveniently found in blood vessels, the fundamental target for red aesthetic complaints. Hemoglobin absorbs yellow light more efficiently than any other component of the skin. Using a yellow laser can heat hemoglobin selectively, while leaving all the other structures of the skin unharmed. 

This technique can be safely used on infants and toddlers with vascular birthmarks, without the need of general or local anesthesia. Adults can also easily tolerate this procedure to remove aesthetic nuisances such as broken capillaries. Patients suffering from rosacea often develop differing degrees of permanent redness, ranging from the occasional flushing to matted and broken capillaries to a permanent red look—which can all be treated quite successfully with lasers. 

So, if you are bothered by the chronic look of feeling flushed or are interested in giving yourself a healthier appearance, let your provider know so that we can properly consult with you on this very predictable and safe procedure.

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