Learn More About Lasers for Skin Rejuvenation

Since summer has come to an end, it’s an excellent time to get a refresh from the season’s damaging effects on the skin.  You deserve rejuvenation to combat the internal and external effects of aging that occurred.

In facial aesthetics, internal aging most often refers to changes in bone structure, distribution of facial fat, and changes in musculature.  External aging can often be witnessed by the increases in brown pigmentation, red tones or capillaries, fine lines, and pore size.  All of these can lead to unfavorable perceptions of age and health.  Thankfully, there are myriad options to improve all of these complaints in a very balanced and natural way.

Broadband light (BBL) is a procedure using high intensity light that does not break the skin to treat both unwanted brown and red colors in the skin.  Over time, with repeated treatments, collagen will improve as well, frequently improving tone and lines, but most importantly slowing down time. This treatment can be combined with both MOXI or HALO at our Florida practice to create a synergistic effect.

MOXI can be used to treat deeper more stubborn pigment in a very gentle manner with minimal disruption to the skin. This can be ideal for patients who have started to develop signs of aging from the sun, but without those frustrating textural complaints. This treatment is great for patients starting their skin care journey and offers minimal downtime.

HALO is a very versatile treatment that can work on superficial and deeper pigment while at the same time producing a polishing glow for fine lines and complexion. HALO is usually administered over two sessions with patients often bragging about the glow they have afterward. This is an excellent treatment for someone looking for results in a short period of time or even for someone looking for more sustainable benefits with their fine lines and pigment.  

At Skin Wellness Physicians, we can treat the full spectrum of skin complaints personalizing patients’ tolerance for downtime, cost, and needs using a variety of tools best suited for you. Call us at (239) 732-0044, or send a message online.

Dr. Daniel Wasserman

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