Managing Melasma: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Melasma is a common yet unwelcome skin condition we treat at Florida’s Skin Wellness Physicians. It is known for leaving behind stubborn hyperpigmentation, particularly on sun-exposed areas of the face. The condition is most common in women of darker skin types and oftentimes surfaces during reproductive years. This pesky skin condition can relate to a number of contributing factors.

The most common are those that are difficult (if not impossible) to avoid as a woman living in Florida:

• Sun

• Estrogen

• Heat

The most significant and absolutely mandatory step in treating/avoiding melasma is strict sun protection.

Melasma can flare with just five minutes of sun exposure, even if fully treated in the past. Because of this, a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least a 30 SPF, such as EltaMD UV Physical, must be applied (and reapplied) on a daily basis. In addition, UPF clothing and wide-brimmed hats can aid in protecting against the brutal Florida sun.

Fortunately, once diligent sun protection has been achieved, there are numerous topical agents and lasers that can improve hyperpigmentation associated with melasma. Amongst these are hydroquinone, kojic acid, azelaic acid, antioxidants, retinol, and more. Though melasma does not have a quick fix, it can be managed and significantly improved with close guidance and a tailored treatment plan from your dermatology clinic. The providers at Skin Wellness Physicians are happy to help!

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Renee Deneweth

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