Men and the Growing Trend Toward Cosmetic Procedures

Mother’s Day is behind us and Father’s Day is approaching, so now is probably a good time to highlight trends in men’s approach to their looks. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, men accounted for nearly 10 percent of the total cosmetic procedures in 2013. This was a 273 percent increase from 1997! In a study from 2015 to 2017, the percentage of men greater than or equal to 21 years old reporting the use of a daily skincare regimen approached 90 percent. More than half had either experienced or expressed interest in neurotoxins, such as BOTOX®. At the Naples and Marco Island-based Skin Wellness Physicians, we hear that the main motivating reason is the pursuit of a youthful appearance. Studies show that men are more loyal to their cosmetic provider than women—and often have higher satisfaction scores.

The trend is clear. Men are more and more open to the idea of cosmetic procedures for the same reasons women are: maintaining a youthful appearance. In our experience, it comes down to something more simple than that. As the American population continues to age healthfully and enjoy the fruits of a more active lifestyle, men are faced with the same concerns about their appearance as women are: feeling great, but not looking like they feel great. The most common complaint we hear is the perception that one looks tired, angry, stressed, or run down—when in fact they feel great. Women have understood how to manage these changes over centuries, but men now understand that they do not have to feel left behind as well.

In Naples, the average male patient seeking aesthetic attention will often be someone in his late 50s and older. The pressing issues at this age will often be volume restoration and the development of brown spots and wrinkles. A neurotoxin (i.e. BOTOX®) to relax lines will frequently be the first recommendation for a younger patient. In the aforementioned age group, gentle refilling is often recommended, while balancing with a variety of laser options to clear up complexions from the brown sun spots and broken capillaries that develop with time. Women, more often than men, will prefer big fixes that may give quick results. Men commonly prefer small gains in order to avoid the social stigma of being a male receiving cosmetic attention.

It is important that men seek an experienced medical provider who understands the male anatomy in order to not feminize it, and who is a good listener. The emotional hurdle for a male to seek aesthetic treatment is usually much greater than a female and therefore is accompanied by great anxiety. Men want to be heard and understood. At Skin Wellness Physicians, we treat the patient and not the problem. The most common thing we hear from our male aesthetic patients is “I should have done this before!” We understand that men seeking these treatments is new, and there requires a certain sensitivity. As June is the host of Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day, think about some small gains that your father or husband may be interested in to help him look as good as he feels. (This goes for yourself, too!) Call us or send a message online to learn more.

Dr. Daniel Wasserman

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