Say Goodbye to Redness, Rosacea, and Visible Vessels

Facial redness is a common reason for visits to the dermatologist’s office. It can be the result of conditions such as rosacea, broken blood vessels due to chronic sun damage, and marks left from acne. At Naples and Marco Island’s Skin Wellness Physicians, we find that redness is usually vascular in origin. Makeup will only go so far to camouflage it, and medications—while helpful—often provide only temporary relief.  

The VBeam™ Perfecta laser is a safe and effective treatment for vascular lesions of the skin. It employs pulsed-dye technology used since the 1980s to specifically target blood vessels and thus minimize damage to the surrounding tissue. The VBeam™ Perfecta laser emits a 595 nm beam of light, which is absorbed by hemoglobin in blood. This absorption of light energy generates heat, which in turn is transferred to the blood vessel wall, damaging it. Such selective damage reduces the risk of side effects, including discoloration and scarring. 

Rosacea is a good example of facial redness that responds well to VBeam™ Perfecta laser treatments. Rosacea is a chronic condition that starts in adulthood and can progress to background redness, enlarged blood vessels called telangiectasia, acne-like papules, and flushing. While the inflammatory, acne-like bumps respond to topical and oral medications, the background redness and telangiectasia often remain. The VBeam™ Perfecta laser can effectively reduce the redness and vessels in two to three treatments, usually spaced about one month apart, with little pain or downtime. Topical numbing is not required. Patients often describe the laser pulses as a snapping sensation against the skin. The comfort level of the treatment is enhanced by a cooling spray that is emitted nearly simultaneously with the laser pulse. After treatment, the skin may look red and puffy with occasional bruising that resolves within days. Sunscreens are advised both before and after treatment, since a suntan can interfere with the absorption of the laser light and increase the risks of hyperpigmentation.  

VBeam™ Perfecta laser can also effectively treat other vascular growths of the skin, such as cherry angiomas, which are those small, bright red spots. Cherry angiomas are thicker and may need to be treated with settings that create more bruising in order to work. Redness from acne scars will fade with the VBeam™ Perfecta laser, but must be used along with a good acne regimen to reduce further outbreaks. Red surgical scars can also lighten in color with VBeam™ Perfecta laser treatment, although the thickness of the scar may not improve.  

If you are interested in learning more about laser treatment of vascular conditions, contact Skin Wellness Physicians to schedule a consultation. Send a message online or call (239) 732-0044.

Dr. Anita Grassi

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