Understanding Sciton Halo

Medical and technological advances have led to the development of skin rejuvenation treatments that are increasingly customizable to the patient. While talented physicians have always taken an individual’s unique characteristics and goals into account when administering a cosmetic treatment, modern options are more able to accommodate specific preferences than ever before.

One of the best examples of this is Sciton Halo™, a versatile fractional laser treatment. In Naples and Marco Island at Skin Wellness Physicians, Drs. Daniel Wasserman and Anne Marie Tremaine use the device designed to combine the rejuvenating effects of two types of light-based treatments—ablative and non-ablative—into one.

Ablative laser treatments remove the outermost layer of skin, exfoliating what is known as the stratum corneum of the epidermis so that dead skin cells are taken away and younger, fresher skin is revealed. This strategy is ideal for treating superficial signs of aging and sun damage, such as spots and fine lines, as well as redness and dullness.

Non-ablative laser treatments have a deeper focus, with the light energy passing through the surface. Cells farther down in the skin convert this energy into heat, which causes collagen to even out in a process known as remodeling. The heat also prompts new collagen production for a smoother, more youthful look. The results from this treatment can become increasingly apparent over weeks, or even months.

With Sciton Halo™, patients do not have to choose between one strategy or the other. The laser can be adjusted to be more intense for a few aggressive treatments or less intense for a longer series of gentler sessions. This customization allows patients to determine their recovery time, results, and more.

Anyone interested in pursuing these customized results should choose only highly trained and well-regarded providers. Even the most sophisticated and automated devices require a person to operate them. Dermatologists and their teams are especially qualified due to their skin-focused education, training, and experience.

Drs. Wasserman and Tremaine at Skin Wellness Physicians both completed a fellowship at Harvard Medical School, in the very laboratory where the two most common laser technologies used for rejuvenation efforts were invented and developed.

It is important to understand that the use of laser technologies is regulated by the state of Florida and limited to physicians and supervised physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Sciton Halo™ treatments should be performed only by medical professionals experienced with their use.

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