What Makes Dysport® a Good Idea?

Is Dysport® worth it? Our Naples-based patients at Skin Wellness Physicians are often curious about whether it’s worth checking out this minimally invasive wrinkle relaxer treatment, as well as how it compares to other botulinum toxin injections for reducing wrinkles.

Still, you may be wondering: What exactly is Dysport® and what can it do for you? Keep reading to learn five of the major benefits of this wrinkle treatment.

  • Reduces Frown Lines (Glabellar Lines or “11s”)

Although anti-aging products such as cleansers, moisturizers, and serums help to keep your skin in good shape, sometimes there’s only so much that over-the-counter skin products can do to counteract wrinkles. Dysport® is a neurotoxin known for its ability to temporarily reduce lines and wrinkles. Much like BOTOX®, this injectable temporarily reduces activity in the muscles it’s injected into as a way of preventing the skin from folding on itself and forming wrinkles. By smoothing the skin between the brows, Dysport® gives you a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

  • Effective for Larger Areas

Dysport® spreads more easily and has a higher rate of diffusion than BOTOX®, so it is ideal for larger areas like the forehead.

  • Results Look Natural

Another great thing about Dysport® is that it provides instant results that look very natural. The subtle enhancements soften wrinkles without making you look “frozen” or preventing you from having facial expressions.

  • Treatments Are Minimally Invasive

Dysport® is a quick, non-surgical procedure that’s completed in just a few minutes in the office—and there’s little to no downtime. This can be ideal for patients who want a convenient treatment that doesn’t require a lengthy recovery. It also typically has a faster onset time than other botulinum toxin injectables, so it may be good for last-minute treatments.

  • Results Can Last All Season Long

The results of Dysport® can last for up to four months, so it’s ideal for patients who are looking for long-lasting effects. Regular touch-up treatments will help to preserve the results.

Knowing all of this, is Dysport® worth it? Find out for yourself! Contact our Naples-based Skin Wellness Physicians team for more advice about this highly effective wrinkle relaxer. Call us at (239) 732-0044 or submit a contact form to request a consultation or learn more about Dysport®.

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